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Aukciós átvétel

Reception of artworks for auction

Boda Gallery of Art organises auctions 4 times a year, where furniture, paintings, decorative arts objects, silver items and jewellery are auctioned. If You wish to sell your items at auction, please, send us a photo.

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Bizományosi átvétel

Consignment contract

Terms of consignment contract

  1. The Principal / Consignor shall declare that he/she is the sole and exclusive owner of the subject matter (object) of the sales order.
  2. The Principal / Consignor shall give his/her exact mailing address and inform the Consignee in case of any change. The legal consequences arising out of the inaccuracy of the given data shall be borne by the Principal / Consignor.
  3. The duration of the sales order lasts 2 months of the time of conclusion of the contract, after the expiry of which the sales order may be changed in agreement with the submitter for 1 month and reducing the price by 20%.
  4. Upon the expiry of the second sales order, the Consignee shall return the subject matter (object) of the sales order to the Principal / Consignor and the Principal / Consignor shall be obliged to deliver away it within 7 working days. If the Principal / Consignor fails to do so, the Consignee shall charge daily 0,2% of the acceptance price for the storage; should the delivery away fail to take place – in spite of a one-time written reminder - either after 30 days, the Consignee shall have the right to sell the object at any price and shall preserve the amount so earned for one year without granting interest on it.
  5. In all cases the costs of delivery shall be borne by the Principal / Consignor.
  6. In case of successful selling the Consignee shall be entitled to 18% commission.
  7. The contract may be terminated by the Principal / Consignor at any time without giving a reason. In this case the Principal / Consignor are obliged to deliver away the object personally or via their authorized certified agent within 7 working days.
    The Consignee’s liability for damages shall extend up to the herein contracted acceptance price of the consigned object. The Parties to this contract have signed this document as being in full conformity with their will and accept the relevant provisions of the Civil Code (Ptk) to be governing and applicable. For litigation matters – depending on the value – the Parties agree upon the jurisdiction of the Pest Central District Court (Pesti Központi Kerületi Bíróság) or the Metropolitan Court of Budapest (Fővárosi Bíróság).

Kiviteli engedély

Export permit

Cultural goods are allowed to leave the territory of Hungary on a temporary or permanent basis subject to export permit issued by the Inspectorate of Cultural Goods at Gyula Forster National Centre for Cultural Heritage Management. We undertake to arrange this, including related transportation.


Delivery conditions

Boda Gallery of Art has been maintaining contact with a reliable carrier company for 20 years, who undertake local and domestic transportation of furniture, pianos, etc. We deliver abroad as well.


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