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Johann Maresch Ceramist

1821 - 1914

Johann Maresch, born 1821 became partners with Adolf Baehr around 1841. Baehr and Maresch Siderolith Fabrik was located on the corner of Teplitzerstrasse & Johannesstrasse, Aussig an der Elbe. Reinhold Hanke worked here as an apprentice modeller between 1853 and 1858. Originally they marked their wares with B & M, but around 1863, they switched to the famous JM markings. They used an "ironstone" clay mixture: a type of porcelain that is more durable, having more strength and weight than fine porcelain. Their production was extensive. Their wares were shipped far and wide. In 1890, Ferdinand his son took over the family business and for nine years kept the factory name the same, but eventually changing it to Ferdinand Maresch. Siderolith, Majolika and Terracotta Fabrik. He however, did not change the distinctive JM markings. During the early 1900's the company prospered under his management, exporting to the rest of Europe and America. The factory was run by Ferdinand until his death on August 2, 1940. The factory kept producing its ceramic wares, but hard times were about to come upon Europe. The factory halted production in 1944 and finally closed in 1948. Reference: Earthlink


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