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Zoltán Klie Painter

1897 - 1992

John belonged to the Academy of Fine Arts students in Vaszary. Between 1925 and 1927 he lived in Paris. The art was difficult because of the naive painters of the same tone of classified scenic directions. Soaring where the fantasy surrealism, where the tale brought eredendőe3n almost instinctive art, which fans love couples strange, \"reverse\" perspective of landscapes, lush vegetation and the typical products of modern technology: machines and industrial landscapes born. The idyll, the wonder and anxiety-producing threat at one time was art, endowed the primitive with ancient motifs where, where sophisticated sejtelmességgel. The colors used without prejudices; hence paintings splendid rainbow of colors, sometimes astonishingly rich colors of. Most concentrated period of the thirties can be considered, which is apparent susceptibility for contemporary life situations, philosophical problems.

Zoltan Klie (1897-1992): Sunflowers and corn still life

310x450 mm
mixed technique on paper
signed right below: Klie 958s

Price: 175,00 €

Zoltán Klie (1897-1992): Opium smoker

70x100 cm
oil on canvas,
signed right below: Klie
originality guarantee

Price: 8.000,00 €

Klie (1897-1992): Still life with corn

22. ART AUCTION 2017. 09. 25.

Klie (1897-1992): Still life with corn



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