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Géza Sigmond Glass artist

1950 - 2008

"1969-1974: Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Szilikat Department, teacher: György Z. Gács. 1984-1986, 1988-1989: Vocational College of Fine and Applied Arts in Budapest; 1991-1996: Vocational College of Fine and Applied Arts in Nyíregyház; 1997: Vocational College of Fine and Applied Arts in Kaposvár Teacher of the glass department at the Vocational School of Fine and Applied Arts. 1974: member of the Hungarian Glass Art Society. He designs lighting fixtures and company signs made of glass for street business portals. His fine art activities include small sculptures, which accompany his work so far, in addition to his early light mobiles. He makes his glass sculptures using the pâte de verre technique, which depict animals, fairy-tale and fantasy figures. In addition, he paints flat glass sheets using a cold technique and places them on top of each other, so his glass paintings have a specific spatial effect. The spatial and planar representations provide the opportunity for rich associations with moral lessons similar to fairy tales. Art Foundation of the Hungarian People's Republic, after 1974 MAOE from 1984, a member of the MKISZ, the Mária Goszthony International Glass Factory in Bárdudvarnok, and a founding member of the Symposium Foundation from 1991, 1991–1996: a member of its board of trustees, and a member of the Hungarian Glass Art Society from 1996.


1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla 34.
(Gárdonyi tér)

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