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András Váci

1928 - 1989

Nyiregyháza of András Váci, 1928-1989, Budapest 1946-47: György Bessenyei Folk College of Fine Arts, Nyíregyháza; 1948-52: Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, teachers: István Szőnyi, László Bencze, Bertalan Pór. 1948: exhibition of folk college students Minister of Religion and Public Education III. fee; 1975: Nyíregyháza-Sóstói Art Colony, 1st prize; 1978: Vilnius Artists' Colony awards. After graduating from college, he received a scholarship from the Inotai Power Plant and then worked at the Kecskemét Art Academy. He made etchings for the poems of Endre Ady, Dezső Kosztolányi, Mihály Babits and his brother Mihály Váci, or woodcuts. Also illustrated by Lőrinc Kovai: Ground Runners; Furmanov: Chapaev c. his work, the Mihály Váci bibliography (1973). He made timeless merits in the creation of the contemporary Hungarian picture gallery of the Ádám Vay Museum in Vaja. From his works donated to the Ádám Vay Museum in 1973, his wife left her legacy to Vay in 1995. In 1973, he designed a set for the performance of the Literary Stage. Nature, the Nyírsé landscape, and his literary connection mostly determined his work. He also created industrial plants, portraits and genre scenes. The emotional saturation of his works and the subtle presentation of moods originate from his art based on elegance and richness of form. In addition to his painting work, his significant graphic work, especially his etchings, achieved success.

András Váci (1928-1989): Black vase

290x200 mm
etching on paper,
signed lower right: Váci András

Price: 36,00 €


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