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Ernő Károlyi

1923 - 2016

Painter. He began his studies at the School of Industrial Design in Budapest, after which he visited the free school of János Kmetty. Between 1946-51 he studied at the College of Fine Arts. He was a student of Róbert Berény, Bertalan Pór and István Szőnyi. In the first half of the 1950s, he grew up in the world of the strictest neo-academicism. He has studied in several Eastern European countries, France and Italy. In 1964 he presented his works in the Bright Adolf Hall, in 1972 in the Mednyánszky Hall, in 1988 in the Ernst Museum, in 1997 in the Danube Gallery and the Szinyei Salon, in several rural cities and in Germany. In his early creative period, he painted post-impressionist landscapes, still lifes, and images of life, then turned to pictorial abstraction, drawing on the lessons of the art of Picasso, Braque, Delauney in the 1960s. He immortalized the experiences and memories of his travels in a series of post-impressionist, oil-painted citys and landscapes. In addition, from the 1980s he created a powerful abstract painting with a lyrical abstract and abstract expressionist approach, composed with a sensitive world of colors, synthesizing geometric and amorphous shapes. He was also featured in the exhibition with collages and inlaid designs. His works have found a place in the Hungarian National Gallery and several rural galleries.


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