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Lajos Szalay Graphic

1909 - 1995

Painter, graphic artist. After a childhood drawing up studies and applications 1927-1936 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, as a student of Augustus Benkhard. Meanwhile, a study tour in Paris, where he studied the art of Picasso. In 1941, he participated in a group exhibition in the National Salon. In 1946 in Paris, and then to South America, where he was first in Argentina and then taught in Buenos Aires, in 1961, he moved to New York. Several exhibitions were in North and South America, home to the National Gallery and the Vigadó Gallery, presented his works several times. In 1988 he returned to Hungary, Miskolc settled down, and hundreds of works donated by various national museums. His work was rewarded with prizes all over the world, both at home Outstanding Artist award (1989) and received the Kossuth Prize (1992). Honorary citizen of Miskolc. His works can be found in the National Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts, Miskolc, as well as North and South America in several museums.


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