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Pierre Székely Sculptor

1923 - 2001

Hungarian-born sculptor living in France. At the beginning of his career he studied sculpture with Dezső Orbán and Hanna Dallos. He settled in Paris in 1946, where in 1953 his first monumental abstract statue was erected.   During his first period in France, besides stone carving, he tried himself in the genre of assembly, but was destroyed in 1955. From the fifties his attention turned more and more to architectural engagements, and he created the concept of a house as a living sculpture. In parallel, he experimented with the technology of concrete injected onto the iron frame. His architectural-scale thinking applies to his monumental landscapes, which he prefers to compose in outdoor sculpture gardens. He regarded his works as timeless signs, unwilling to take up the dilemma of figurative and non-figurative, traditional and modern art. His monumental sculptures and sculptures were characterized by an appeal to color and montage-like construction. He also dealt with coinage and graphics. In the second half of the '60s, he worked on granite mines in Brittany, where he developed the technique of "flame carving" at temperatures above 3000 ° C.  From the 1980s he spent more and more time in Japan, where his art was inspired by Far Eastern philosophies, the influences of ancient Japanese culture, and the possibilities of large-scale technology. In 1983 the Monument of Peace was erected in Nagyvárad Square in Budapest, in 1991 in Pécs under the title Stone Garden, and in 1993 it was opened in Sekigahara, Japan. Literature used: Péter Székely. Word article. Artportal (György Várkonyi + Hungarian artists in France)


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