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Ferenc Rutka Painter, stage designer, jazz drummer

1926 - 2019

Ferenc Ruttka, well-known painter, set designer, jazz drummer whose works have been exhibited around the world. Ferenc Ruttka was born on October 17, 1926 in Vámosgyörk. He graduated from the College of Applied Arts in Budapest in 1956. His masters were Mátyás Varga, István Köpeczi Bócz, Pál Miháltz and Erik Vogel. At MAFILM he worked as a set designer, Zoltán Fábry, Márton Keleti and Miklós Jancsó. From 1965 he worked as a musician for ten years in Germany. His drawings regularly appeared in the columns of various newspapers. He had exhibitions in Budapest, France, Vienna, Munich, Los Angeles and Mexico. His works are in private and public collections abroad.

Ferenc Ruttka (1926-): Égre Törő

60x50 cm
Mixed technique on paper,
Signed right below: Ruttka 93.,

Price: 389,00 €

Ferenc Ruttka (1926-2019): Houses

24x33 cm
Oil on paper,
signed below right: Ruttka

Price: 285,00 €

Ferenc Ruttka (1926-2019): Time indicator

23x15 cm
Oil on paper,
signed middle: Ruttka 94.

Price: 150,00 €

Ferenc Ruttka (1926-2019): Wishing to live

10x15 cm
Oil on paper,
signed lower left: Ruttka

Price: 98,00 €

Ferenc Ruttka (1926-2019): Vortex

12x17 cm
Oil on paper,

Price: 98,00 €


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