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László Megyes Painter

1928 - 2003

Biographies of Hungarian painters and graphic artists I-II. Szigetszentmiklós, 1928 - Painter. He worked in Csepel, and in 1949 he began his studies in the free school of the plant under the direction of Kornél Szentgyörgyi. Between 1950 and 1956 he studied at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts. István Szőnyi, Endre Domanovszky and Gyula Hincz were his teachers. In 1957 he received a studio apartment at Szolnok's colony, where he continued his work. Since 1957 he has been presenting in Budapest and country shows with his figurative compositions and landscapes. It is an innovative, modern formative representative of the Szolnok tradition. In 1998 he performed with classical watercolor landscapes at the Aquarius Biennale of Eger. Beside the painting of the painting, he is also fond of the genre of the artwork, especially the etchings. Most of them have a healthy romance, and their theme is mainly from the life of the Tisza. Since 1986 he has been a permanent member of the Mezőtúr Creation Center. He owns many honors and art prizes. His work was given a place in the Hungarian National Gallery, in the Sárospatak Gallery and at Damjanich Museum in Szolnok. (Art. 1965/2, Katalin Kürti, Art. 1998/10, ML, MÉ)

László Megyes (1928-2003): Water at dusk

24. LIVE ART AUCTION 29. 03. 2018.


László Megyes (1928-2003): Water at dusk



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