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Serge Delaveau Painter

1911 - 1999

Serge Delaveau was born on January 30, 1911, in France. He is studying for printing, but with a good drawing ability and sense of sensation, he feels young at all times it will be engraved, engraver, engaging in various printing materials. His interest in painting in these years is conscious, in museums, he is studying in free schools, and in 1939 he is present at a group exhibition grounds. In 1940 he was deported to Germany, after several unsuccessful attempts to escape only in 1945 he could return to Paris. As a lithograph, as an advert graphic designer gozik, regularly fest, go through the great museums of Europe, many groups exhibition. In 1968, five Hungarian festivals in the Great Plain - László Holló, Sándor Baranya, Bényi László, Ferenc Berényi, László Félegyházi - a franchise for the Montreuil exhibition cpa painters Delaveau also exhibits in our country. In France at that time He is a recognized artist since 1950 he has been regularly involved in the Paris Salons demonstrations. Among them the most significant is the "modern art" in his museum (1960). In 1978 he was exhibited in Stuttgart, In 1983, at Szolnok Colony of Artists, the following year and Debrecen University of Medicine, 1985 in Cháteauroux, Gargilesse (mid France) and then in 1986 in Szolnok and Gargilesse. Meanwhile - it covers decades in time - in the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain countries, Africa, the Soviet Union, China and Germany, paint. French critics, especially in the last decades, are very appreciative I do not think of Serge Delaveau's painting. Pierre Mazars, the Figaro leader kri he praises the poetry of Delaveau's painting, Róbert Vrinat is a human artist honest and honest, and Jean-Paul Caracalla - among others - Delaveau's enthusiasm for the specialties of color. There are many paintings Prize for recognition of Delaveau's work: Prix de Saint-Affrique (1966), Prix ​​Populiste (1969), Prix Deverin (1978), Grand-Médaille de la Ville de Mantes (1979), Médaille d 'argent du Sálon des Artistes francais (1980), Médaille d'ordu Sálon des Artistes francais (1982), Prix du Musée Luce (1982), Prix Cyrille Besset (1986).

Serge Delaveau (1911-1999): Szolnoki Tabán

24. LIVE ART AUCTION 29. 03. 2018.


Serge Delaveau (1911-1999): Szolnoki Tabán


Starting price: 77,00 €

Realized price: 181,00 €


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