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István Tallós Prohászka Painter

1896 - 1974

István Tallós Prohászka (Somorja, Nov. 18, 1896 - Újrónafő, 10 November 1974): painter. His father was Somorján's carpenter. ~ you have chosen the Tallós prefix. He emerged in 1919 when he was battling the 13th Red Army in the Infantry War in defense of the Soviet republic. He made over two hundred drawings and watercolors on fighting as a regiment. At the beginning of the 1920s he studied at the Bp. School of Applied Arts and in Berlin for several months. After completing his studies, he returned to his hometown in 1924. The Somor's first years of production were presented in a solo exhibition in Bratislava in 1928. The theme of his pictures is the Csallóközi m. peasants' lives. He inherited significant moments in the social life of the village in a naturalistic style (Land Distribution, Earthworm, Earthquake, etc.). The following year he appeared at the National Salon of the Bp. She exhibited in the studio of Somorján with an apprentice's wife, María Lauer. He participated in the Soviet movement's sociographic research trail in the Garam valley. In the following years, he was issued in Bratislava and Kassa. In 1947 he moved to Mo. and Mosonmagyaróvár, where he continued his creative work. On the occasion of his seventeenth birthday he was honored in Somogy in 1966 with an exhibition dedicated to the artist. In his 1969 jubilee exhibition in Mosonmagyaróvár, he exhibited a cross section of his entire oeuvre from 1919 to 1969. After his death, the town of Somorja organized a memorial room in the Local History Museum with the artist's paintings. His ice-carrying work is in the Modern Gallery in Prague. His strange personality is reflected in his book "IG" published in 1931. - Officer. Kálmán Brogyáni: Painting in Slovenia (Košice-Kassa, 1931); Rezső Szalatnai: T. P. I. (Art, 7th, 1965).


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