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Lőrincz Siklódi (Ditrói) sculptor

1876 - 1945

Sorkódy Lőrinc, ditrói (Ditró, Csík vm., September 17, 1876, September 15, 1945): sculptor. - He studied at Bpen, Munich and Paris and from 1909 he was a regular exhibitor of the Műcsarnok. ~ The monument of József Katona depicting Kecskemét (Petúr bán), the Sopron Honvédemlék (1914/18 memorial statue), the National Work (Bp., Tisza Kálmán Square, 1948), other heroic monuments, Job seeker c. Marble statue (Fine Art Museum), the Miner Refugee, the Whiplasher, the Smiling Man (Nemz. Galéria). - 1943: ~ created the 1933 → Gödöllő Scouts World Meeting Memorial Statue. The statue was erected in Gödöllő in 1943, opposite the Szabadság Square HÉV Station, and its fading was not due to war. He disappeared after the war, and then his pedestal was removed. 1993: the pedestal was excavated, this was enlarged by the sculptor Kisfaludi Zsigmond Strobl sculptor sculptor István Paal, and was erected near the site of the former statue in 1994. IV. 24: covered. Bo.J.-FE.MA.-88


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