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Dénes Gulyás Painter

1927 - 2003

1945-50: Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, masters: István Szőnyi, Bertalan Pór, Jenő Elekfy, Jenő Barcsay, Emil Krocsák (demonstrator). For Educational Activities Work Order Order (1970: Silver; 1982: Gold Degree); the Excellent Worker of Education. Since 1951 he has been assistant professor of the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in Ernő Schubert's textile major school, then in interior design as a teacher of geometry and art nourishing. It is also the task of organizing and managing summer colleges. In Gyula Hincz, director of color theory, under the leadership of Frigyes Pogány (1965-70), he specialized in graphic art history and fine art in typography. In the 80s he took part in the concept of teacher training. He retired in 1989. Starting from constructive shapes, he creates his own distinctive style, approaching the world of folk motives, creating an unmistakable light and creating an emotional atmosphere.

Gulyás Dénes (1927-2003): Pécsi városrészlet

Art auction 2017 21 05 25th

Gulyás Dénes (1927-2003): Pécsi városrészlet


Gulyás Dénes (1927-2003): Pécsi városrészlet

Boda 10. online auction 19h. 16 - 17h .11. 11. 2021

Gulyás Dénes (1927-2003): Pécsi városrészlet


Starting price: 75,00 €


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