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Miklós Grandpierre Kolozsvári Graphic artist

1950 -

1964-1970 until Szász Endre student. At the age of 24 a member of the Studio of Young Artists and the Creative Union of Artists Engravers, which is supported by renowned artists at the beginning of his career as Gyula Hinz, Barcsay, John Kass, Würz Adam and Endre Szász. Nearly 160 illustrated nonfiction books, as well as fulfilling the art of painting and sculpture as well. Since 1982 MAOE member. Artistic anatomy specific to Meiderich and regularly taught in Austria Neumark creative center. set up abroad since 1980, first in Europe and later in the overseas audience familiar with the classical fine arts, the Renaissance-leaning feeding beauty of surrealist art of dreams

Kolozsvári G Miklós(1950-): Weigh

Graphic auction not only for collecto! 07. - 04. 03. 2022.

Kolozsvári G Miklós(1950-): Weigh


Realized price: 30,00 €

Kolozsvári G Miklós(1950. ):Weigh

18. Art auction 29. 09. 2016.

Kolozsvári G Miklós(1950. ):Weigh



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