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Ferenc Marton Painter, sculptor, stage designer.

1884 - 1940

He completed his high school at the Grammy Grammy Grammar School and then became a pupil of Bertalan Székely and László Hegedűs at the Mintarajziskola in Budapest. He received a scholarship donated and collected by the Csík people to Dresden and Vienna. In 1908 he first appeared at the National Salon of Budapest in autumn, mainly with the picturesque, passionate, secessionist, taste of Szekler people. Monumental paintings: Separating Székelys (1912), Forestry in Csíkország (1913) reflect the late reflection of Art Nouveau. He also won the third prize in 1908 at a London poster competition. In 1913 he painted in Csíkszereda, commissioned by Csíki private property, Antal Becze and Imre Tivai Nagy\'s portraits destroyed during the First World War. He served as Front Narrator in the First World War, drawing his experiences in drawings. He settled in Budapest and sculpture from 1925. In addition to the oil paintings, he made several occasional drawings, including drawings in the Interesting Newspaper. Drawn academician is characterized by tradition and technical virtuosity. Among his graphic works, the Dózsa series, drawings and literary illustrations of his contemporaries stand out. His works include some 10,000 graphics. Drawings of postcards and carved statues. Towards the end of his life he moved to the sculptural and architectural career. Sorkódy Lőrinc (1876-1945), together with the sculptor, created the Katona József tomb in the Kecskemét cemetery. Last sculpture of the bronze statue of the Debrecen Army. He died on June 8, 1940 in Budapest, in the Kerepesi cemetery for ultimate tranquility. His works can be found in the Budapest Museum of History, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Székely Museum of Csík, the Sepsiszentgyörgy Gallery and the family members of Csíkszentgyörgy, the family.

Márton Ferenc(1884-1940): Head of Christ

48x38 cm
Monotype on paper,
Signed lower right: Marton Feri

Price: 150,00 €

Márton Ferenc (1884-1940):  Jesus

Online Graphic Auction not just for collectors! III. 21-12. 08.2022.

Márton Ferenc (1884-1940): Jesus


Realized price: 40,00 €

Márton Ferenc(1884-1940):  Head of Christ

6. Online Auctions 31-25. 01 2020.

Márton Ferenc(1884-1940): Head of Christ


Márton Ferenc(1884-1940): Dutola 916.

26. LIVE ART AUCTION 27. 09. 2018.

Márton Ferenc(1884-1940): Dutola 916.


Starting price: 150,00 €

Realized price: 200,00 €


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