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Mihaly Pal sculptor

1911 - 1971

From 1928 to the Industrial Design school students, masters Elemer Philippines, Gyula Ohmann, Vesztróczy Mano; Trinchieri Daniel learned stone carving. 1938-1944: College of Fine Arts, masters Jeno Bory, István Szőnyi. 1970: Munkácsy Award. After 1945, the Metropolitan Emlékfelügyelőségnél as restauráror worked. The Várkertbazárban and Gyömrőn worked. The 60s Gyömrőn began shaping sculpture. Her early works were made in the year of a degree Remetekertváros Holy Spirit Church facade sculptures (1944) deserve mention. After 1945 it received a lot of public order of the interior of public buildings, respectively. Urban spaces for decorating. Artistic approach to the ancient Greek and Renaissance art was characterized by exemplary, but a large number of portraits (Ady, Rilke; Attila József János Bolyai Jr.,. Dostoevsky; Ezekiel) and kisplasztikáinak strong expressive sculptural shape our tickets can be discovered.


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