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Istvan Ezsias (1954-): Rába II.

  • 37 x 35 cm
  • Iron
  • propre certification de l'artiste

Price: 921,00 €

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Shaped from Asian metals (iron, steel, aluminum, tin) (welded, soldered, ground, milled, drilled, turned) and shaped from wood (sawn, tapped, glued), built constructions are abstract spatial events and scenes of conflicts: where spatial relationships are organized, ....Playful collisions, decorative forms, formal purity, rusticity rejecting chiseledness, illusionistic displacements, balances and balance tilts, skewed axes, repetitions and variations, rhythmic formulas playing in variations and ratio systems controlled by ratios, complicated, pulsating, intense force fields, inexhaustibly rich object-world…”
Art historian Tibor Wehner

"These objects, like a tenfold wrapped treasure, only reveal their value to us after unpacking. ...Whatever István Ézsiás touches, he handles with terrifying precision. But his precision is not that of an engineer, but of an artist who shapes space, who is aware of the value of every cubic millimeter of space."
Writer Miklós Hernádi


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