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Art nouveau Fireplace clock

Silver plated tin, brass pointer, pendulum, inscription inside: PKM MADE IN AUSTRIA, M. & SON, KARLSTEIN. Height: 32 cm, does not work.

Price: 441,00 €

Asztali lámpa


Price: 103,00 €

Cabinet clock Barokk 1790. Kassa

56x27,5x13 cm
black-painted wooden case with bronze decorative elements. Roman and Arabic numeral, percussion enamel dial. Fifty-pound, spindle-barrier structure. Kosice, around 1790. with key,

Price: 1.506,00 €

Fireplace clock

M:30 cm Sz: 25 cm Me: 12 cm
candlestick, M: 26 cm 10x10 cm
marble case, bronze fitting, firing structure (works) pendulum missing 2 marble candle holders bronze fitting.

Price: 181,00 €

Fireplace clock and couple of candelabra

Budapest, 20th c. front, double percussion structure, onyx case, with bronze mount, without pendulum, key missing, m: 50 cm, candelabra m: 45 cm

Price: 649,00 €

German wall clock

2 weight structures, enamel number plate,
made the early 20th century, it works.

Price: 467,00 €

Table lamp

Material: hand-painted glass, bronze mounted wedge,
Size: 78cm

Price: 233,00 €

wooden chandelier

12 candles gold plated over
diameter: 70 cm
height: 100 cm

Price: 441,00 €


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