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Austrian painter in the 19th century middle: Farmhouse in Zillerthal 1854.

58x72 cm
oil on canvas,

Price: 533,00 €

Ferenc Fodor (1881-): Weyer Enns

45,5x60 cm
oil on cardboard,
signed lower left: Fodor F. 1937.

Price: 413,00 €

Mihály Kátai id. (1906-1983): Village landscape with gees

60x80 cm
oil on canvas,
signed lower right: Kátai Mihály 1970.

Price: 453,00 €

Róbert Nadler (1858-1938): Landscape with church tower

28x36 cm
oil on cardboard
signed lower left: Nádler Róbert

Price: 293,00 €

Sándor Teplánszky (1886-1944): Lady in the interior

80x60 cm
olaj, vászon,
signed right below: Teplánszky

Price: 1.600,00 €

Sándor Wágner (1838-1919): Mere horses

30x47 cm
oil on kardboard,
signed right below:
certificate authenticity

Price: 1.013,00 €

Szabó Vladimir (1905-1991): Lagzi Before

40x50,5 cm
oil on wood fiber
signed overleaf: SzV. 1984.
BÁV list,

Price: 1.066,00 €


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