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Teacups Rosenthal

  • 8x13 cm
  • painted porcelain
  • Signed below: Rosenthal

Price: 124,00 €

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The world-famous German Rosenthal porcelain factory has more than 130 year history (founded in 1879 by Philipp Rosenthal privy councilor).

The brand name Rosenthal as from the beginning of artistic and design harmony, the consuming manual work and perfect quality porcelain, tradition and continuous renewal, innovation and image.

Initially, china painting dealt with, first, their resounding success - which reported sales peak - in 1886 reached the hamutállal called "Burning cigarette resting place."

Today it is present in 97 countries, one of the great products of the world's leading manufacturers of desktop and home culture, a variety of quality souvenirs in the field. This leadership commitment is encouraging and also to create products, taking into account the prevailing trends in the future.


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