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Csorba Simon László ( 1943- ): Cina-Mana-Apa 82 /S/

  • 75x50 cm
  • Screen printing, paper,
  • Signed right below: Csorba Simon 1982.

Price: 155,00 €

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Painter, graphic artist, writer. Self-taught.
His masters: Ferenc Martyn, Róbert Swierkiewicz.
In 1994, the Hungarian Academy of Rome was awarded
scholarship. Received several times in 1985-88
Between the Vaci Art Festival prize.
He was awarded prize in Canada in 1990, in 1997
While in the Műcsarnok. From 1991
"Chasing" is superstar art
Expeditions from Paris to Lake Baikal
Remote landscapes. From 1966 he was an exhibitor. Individual
Exhibited in 1975, 1982 and 1991
In Szentendre, in 1993 the Russian Culture
Center. He was on a group show
In 1970, at the Ernst Museum in 1971,
1984, 1988 and 1990 a
In Műcsarnok, in 1976 the Hungarian
National Gallery. His book was published
Firemime art, Art Therapy in 1991.
His works include the Hungarian National Gallery,
The Museums of Pécs, Szentendre and Kaposvár


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