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Terms and conditions of auction

Terms and conditions of auction

Which came to be between the submitter, as consigner and Boda Antikvitás, as trading representative. The representative submits the transmitted objects to auction and sells them to the highest bidder. The items are being auctioned in the order of the publishing of the catalogues.

The auctioneer announces orally the items, the customers signal their intention of purchase by upholding their bid disk. The highest bidding client wins the right to purchase the item. The buyer has to pay the 20% of the bidding price as a deposit in cash at once.

The item is available for taking away once the full price has been deposited on site and there, otherwise the buyer has a week to complete the payment at our store ( Bartók Béla út 34. Budapest 1111).

The sum of the deposit is included in the full price in case of the full payment is completed in time. In case of omission of payment in time, the offer of the buyer becomes invalid and the deposit behoves to the auctioneer.

The auctioneer undertakes free delivery for the buyer in the area of Budapest , within 10 days of purchase. in case of omission of the above the auctioneer is not to be held responsible for any damage of the item, in addition a 5% storage charge applies from the 12th day of purchase.

In case the buyer does not transport the item within 3 months of purchase, the auctioneer - preceding a written warning to the buyer-can freely utilize it and after the deduction of his costs the remaining amount of money is kept as a deposit for the buyer.The buyer is bound to pay 20% mediation fee after the bid price, which contains 14% mediation fee, 5% copyright fee, 1% cultural contribution.

Any kind of collusion that may harm or entices a third person to offer an unrealistically high price is forbidden.

The objects which are signed as ‘Protected’ or ‘No export’ in the auction catalogue must not be exported permanently from Hungary (under the act of LXIV lb. §59 paragraph 1 point b, 2001)

In case the buyer does not want to take part in the auction the auctioneer acts the bid based upon the given purchase order. A purchase order can be provided during the time of the exhibition in person or online href="mailto:moc!pont!trafoadob!kukac!0002">moc!pont!trafoadob!kukac!0002. In order for the purchase order to be accepted, 20% of the starting price must be paid in advance, which is refunded if the bidding is not successful. The sum of money can be paid in cash in our store (Boda Antikvitás, Bercsényi u. 3.,Budapest 1111) or by transfering the payment to the following bank account: IBAN: HU79-10918001-00000108-89570008, UniCredit Bank.

In case the purchase order is successful the total deposit is considered to be an advance payment. If a higher price is offered by a third person by purchase order, or the auction bidders offer a higher purchasing price, the not present bidder will recover the total deposit.

All auction items go under the hammer in the same conditions as they were exhibited. All bidders must ascertain the conditions of items themselves during the auction.

Boda Antikvitás undertakes certificate of authenticity for all auction items. After the knock down there is no right for objection or complaint except if the item is counterfeit.

In any case the buyer has a daubt of the originality or origin of the item, the buyer can hand in a written complaint - corroborated with an independent expet’s certification that the item is not original- within 3 months of the first doubt but within 5 years of auction the latest. In all other cases not included here in, the paragraphs of Ptk. (civil code book of hungary) are authorative, in any case of dispute the parties must go under the acts of the Fővárosi Bíróság ( the Court of Budapest).


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